Bi rotor PD flowmeter

F2001 Bi-Rotors Flow Meter

◉ Superior accuracy to 0.1% of reading over 30:1 turn-down

◉ Uniform rotation means low pressure loss

◉ No metal-to-metal contact provides for long service lifetime 

◉ Self-lubricating Very low noise and vibration

◉ Reduced number of parts reduces maintenance requirements

◉ Rugged double case construction prevents loss of calibration

◉ Due to changes in pressure or temperature

◉ Size from 3/4” to 16” 

◉ Complied with OMIL R120~1996

F2001-R Series Rotary Vane Flowmete

◉ Superior accuracy: 0.1%

◉ Size from 1” to 16”( DN25mm-DN400mm)

◉ Turn-down ratio:30:1 

◉ Low pressure loss

◉ Long service lifetime

◉ Self-lubricating

◉ Very low noise and vibration

◉ Easy maintenance

◉ Multi-option registers

◉ ATEX,UL approved electronic register 

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F2001-Bi-Rotor Positive Displacement flowmeter features two precisely machined rotating members known as helical rotors which rotate and mesh within the meter's interior housing in order to form a measuring chamber of known volume which may be used to accurately determine volumetric flow rate as a funtion of the rotors' velocity. The helical rotors' motion is transmitted to the display via a sealed coupling & drive system that enables the display to provide accurate data for both flow rate and total accumulated flow. The unique helical rotor design provides a number of advantages over traditional gear-type PD meters including reduced pressure drop, the virtual elimination of down-stream pulsations, enhanced particle tolerance, and reduced maintenance. The advantages provided by the helical rotor make the F2001 an ideal choice for many applications including oil-in-water media and fluids with entrained solids.

Bi rotor PD flowmeter
Bi rotor PD flowmeter

Bi rotor PD flowmeter

Bi rotor PD flowmeter

Figure 1, Cast steel and Stainless steel flow meter

Figure 2, Bi-rotors inner measuring chammber.

Bi rotor PD flowmeter

◉ Accuracy: up to +/- 0.1%

◉ Line size: 1/4” to 16” (DN8mm to DN400mm)

◉ Repeatability: +/-0.02%

◉ Working pressure: up to ANSI 600Lb or customized

◉ Pulse ouput: (18 to 36V, VH=20V)

◉ VL<1V and output load<200ohm

◉ Process temperature: -22 to 480℉(-30 to 250℃)

◉ Current output: 4-20mA, ( two wires system w/600ohm max loop load

◉ 60mA)

◉ Viscosity: 0 to max.@ 20,000cp

◉ RS485 output: communication with modbus for D1 register only MODBUS RTU ( powered by 18 to 36V

◉ Protection: IP65( IP67 for options)

◉ Display: Instantaneous/Total/Batch

◉ Ambient temperature: 104 to 176℉( 40 to 80℃)

◉ Ambient humidity: 5% to 95% Rh @75℉

◉ User parameter: K factors, linear correction coefficient flowrate input signal section points,temperature and pressure compensation, set pulse outpur range, decimal adjusment, etc.

◉ ATEX, Ul, FM approved registered pulser and electroic register

◉ Oil& Gas 

◉ Chemical processing

◉ Pharmacentical

◉ Pulp& Paper Industry

◉ Solvents&Resins

◉ Paints& Adhesives

◉ Flow calibration

Bi rotor PD flowmeter

Bi rotor PD flowmeter

Bi rotor PD flowmeter

Bi rotor PD flowmeter