Differential pressure transmitter

◉ Updating time of output current in 200 ms

◉ Improved performance, increased accuracy and greater stability Two years stability of 0.15%

◉ 0.075% accuracy

◉ Parameter setting by keypad directly

◉ 4-20 mA output plus direct digital HART communication Automatic zero calibration by push-button

◉ Explosion proof and weather proof housing

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GP1001-D Series differential pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications. It uses the world’s advance silicon pressure sensor technology and state of the airt encapsulation technology . it features self-diagnostic, field parameter adjustment, auto-zero and all industrial standard . It is composed of pressure transmitter and the welding installation level flange, which can measure liquid, gas or steam pressure as well as fluid density and level. Output options available include 4-20mA with HART protocol. 



The process pressure is transmitted to the mono-silicon pressure sensor through the isolation diaphragm and the filling liquid. When the force is applied, the Wheatstone bridge imbalance resistance value changes, and the current excitation is used to convert into a linear value voltage output with the differential pressure value.

◉ Measuring Range: Max. Up to 10000Psi

◉  Fluid: liquid, gas and steam

◉ Ambient Temperature: –30℃~85℃/–20℃~65℃(Fluorine line) Drift (zero): 0.5%FS/50℃

Drift (span): 0.7%FS/50℃

◉ Accuracy grade: 0.05 grade, 0.075 grade, 0.2 grade. 0.5 grade

◉ Turn-down: 100:1

◉ Drift (Micro) :                  0.2% FS/Years                 

◉ Standard: 0.2% FS/Years

◉  Relative humidity: 0~100% RH

· Start time: 2 seconds after power up

◉  Storage temperature: -50℃~85℃(NO display)

-40℃~60℃(LCD display)

◉ Damping time: 2s

◉ Process Connection: SS316L

◉ Filled fluid: Silicon oil, fluorocarbon oil -option

◉ Isolating Diaphragm: 316LSS;Hastelloy C option. etc..


◉ Transmitter Housing: Aluminum with epoxy resin coat

◉ Approval  


◉ Output signal:  4~20 mA DC two wire/ Hart

◉ Working Voltage : 10.5 to 55VDC  

Hart 16.5 -55VDC, 250Ω

◉ Communications distance: 2 km when using CEV cable Load capacity: below 0.22μF

Load induction: below 3.3 mH Space with power line: above 15 cm Resolution: 0.05% of range

◉ Field indication: LCD

◉  Effect of environmental temperature: zero drift: 0.5% FS/50℃ Range drift: 0.7% FS/50℃

◉ Effect of power voltage variation ±0.005% FS/V

◉ Protection: IP66

◉ Weight: 3.50kg

Pressure transmitter .png