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Ultrasonic gas flowmeter

◉ Field-proven reliability for pipeline quality gas and dry gas

◉ No line obstructions

◉ No moving parts

◉ No flow calibration required

◉ No pressure loss

◉ Bi-directional capability

◉ Large turn-down ratio

◉ No lubrication or periodic maintenance

◉ Measurement is not affected by gas properties

◉ Powerful noise-reduction technology

◉ Self-diagnostics

◉ Minimal installation requirement (10D upstream, 5D downstream)

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Multisonic F3001 ultrasonic flowmeter measures the flow velocity of the gas via the transit times of ultrasonic pulses and calculates the flow rate at measurement conditions therefrom. Here use is made of the fact that ultrasonic pulses move faster in the direction of flow than in the opposite direction.

Ultrasonic gas flowmeter  Ultrasonic gas flowmeter

Each sensor is an emitter and a receiver at the same time. Measurements are taken alternatively in both di- rections, i.e. after a transit time has been measured, the emitter becomes the receiver and vice versa. In this way, the impact of the velocity of sound which depends on the gas type, pressure and temperature is eliminated. In order to take the flow profile into account, measure- ments are taken using a total of 6 acoustic paths in 3 parallel planes. In each plane, there are 2 paths crossing each other. The arrangement of paths according to Gauss-Chebyshev guarantees optimum measurements of the flow velocity even in the case of asymmetries, swirl and crossflows. In addition, these variations of the ideal flow profile can also be measured, i.e. a flow diagnosis can be made.

DisplayOLED 192*64 pixel backlit type
ButtonsThree-button operation
Communication interfaceRS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Accuracy≤ ±0.5%; ±1% and ±1.5% under dry calibration
Repeatability0.1% of accraucy ±0.5%; 0.2% of accuracy ±1% ;0.3% of accuracy ±1.5%
DesignWetted, Non-intrusive, inline type
Flanges rating#150, #300,#600,#900,#1500
MaterialsStandard in SS304; SS316 for options
Operation conditions
Size1 inch to 14inch( DN25mm to Dn400mm)
Medium temperature≤149 °F (65 °C)
Ambient temperature-13 °F to 131 °F (-25 °C to +55 °C)
Max. Process pressure420bar (6090psig)
Measuring scope0.1m/s ~ 30m/s
Protection ratingIP65 ; IP67 for options
Electrical characteristics
Input powerDC 12-32V
Power consumption5W(max)
Output4 ~ 20mA; pulse ( current output mode: Passive)
Communication interfaceRS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Wire inlet specificationM20 x 1.5*2 Female ;1/2” NPT for options
ConformitiesISO 17089-1 and AGA-Report No. 9
EMC regulationIEC/EN 61326-1 Class A table2
Hazardour Area approvalIECEX and ATEX approved II 2 G Ex db ib IIB T4 Gb
Transducer pathsUp to 4 paths denpend on sensor size

Ultrasonic gas flowmeterUltrasonic gas flowmeter

Gas well injection

Fiscal transfer 
Ultrasonic gas flowmeterUltrasonic gas flowmeter
City gas Multiphase meter

Ultrasonic gas flowmeter

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